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Synergy Evacuator Wireless Alarm Systems

Product Overview


The Synergy alarm is the latest addition to the evacuator range, offering up to 7 months battery life and a Secure Long Range Wireless Link. As these are a wireless model they can be used for a wider range of applications such as building sites, constructions sites, temporary buildings and caravan parks.





The system allows for up to 40 call point units or base stations as well as an unlimited number of slave sounder strobe units. This creates big potential for creating temporary fire alarm systems for very large construction sites.


The base stations are also addressable so they can be controlled from a single point. The base station is also capable of monitoring the battery status of call points on the system.

The Evacuator synergy also features an anti-tamper function which requires a key fob to be used in order to reset the systems after the alarm is triggered.