Fire Extinguishers

Gatwick Fire Protection supplies a dynamic range of fire extinguishers in order to meet the demanding UK safety requirements. All of our extinguishers are commissioned by highly experienced fire extinguisher engineers and in accordance with the requirements of 'BS 5306 Part 3' and supplied with maintenance service labels in order to meet UK fire extinguisher laws and regulations of public buildings and construction sites.

Water Fire Extinguishers

Water fire extinguishers are suitable for use in environments containing solid combustible materials such as wood, paper and textiles.


Water Extinguishers should not be used on electrical fires as it is a conductor of electricity.

(See CO2 or Powder Extinguishers)

Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers are ideal for use on fire involving solid combustible materials and are highly effective on flammable liquid fires.


The layer of foam applied by these extinguishers helps to prevent re-ignition after the fire has been extinguished.

Powder Fire Extinguishers

Powder fire extinguishers are ideal for use in mixed risk environments and offer excellent all round fire protection.


With a unique class C rating, powder fire extinguishers are one of the only effective solutions for fires involving flammable gases.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers


CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable for use on flammable liquid fires and are extremely effective at extinguishing fires involving electrical equipment.


CO2 is also one of the cleanest extinguisher agents and leaves no residue behind.

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