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Water Extinguishers

Product Overview


Water fire extinguishers are suitable for use in environments containing solid combustible materials such as wood, paper and textiles.






Our standard range of Water Fire Extinguishers include:

  • 6 Litre Water based Fire Extinguisher

  • 9 Litre Water based Fire Extinguisher



Water Spray Extinguishers

Water spray extinguishers are a modern alternative to the standard water extinguisher due to it's innovative design which sprays creates a mist effect which will therefore tackle the fire in a much more effective way, saving you time and minimizing the amount damage caused.


Our standard range include:

  • 6 Litre Water Spray Extinguisher

  • 9 Litre Water Spray Extinguisher


All Water Fire Extinguishers can be supplied with Low Freeze Additive to help prevent freezing if stored outside or in warehouses.